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    Introducing “React” for iMessage. Wanna See My Message? Show Me Your Face.

    We are very excited to introduce React to you today, our newly developed iMessage App that is currently available for free on the iMessage App Store.

    What is React?

    Apple has done a great job introducing lots of sticker and animations on chat bubbles to reflect someone’s feelings. But as we all know, there is nothing capable of explaining our feelings better than a reaction on our face. In fact, the moment of watching people’s face reacting to something that has been communicated to them is a highly precious moment that is too good to miss. This is why we developed React, the new iMessage app that will show you the reactions to your texts, photos or videos as if you were there the moment your message arrived.

    “React records people’s faces reacting to your messages and updates the original message with their reactions on top of it. React will show you people reacting to your messages as if you were with them the moment they opened it.”

    How does React work?

    React will lock your message (containing either text, photo or video) and send it. React will then ask the receiver to unlock. There is only one way for the receivers to unlock your message and view it, which is to let React record a video of their faces. Once reaction is recorded, react will update your original message with a great moment video combining your original message with the reaction on top of it, turning your message into a great moment to never forget.

    Message Revoking

    React has a Revoke feature that will let you revoke any message you either sent or reacted to. Revoking will wipe out the message data making it no longer available (offered as an in-app purchase).

    30 Seconds Video Limits

    React has a 30 seconds maximum duration limit when locking a video. We believe 30 seconds is a long enough duration for a reaction. React has a Video Slicing feature that will let you slice any video for any duration that is no longer than 30 seconds (offered as an in-app purchase).

    We are looking forward to seeing you using React. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @fancytaps and give us your valuable feedback, we highly appreciate it.